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New Jersey Subcontractors Award Videos highlight awards nite success.

The New Jersey Subcontractors Association held it's 2018 Awards Night at the Brownstone in Paterson Saturday November 10th.

Ever since Buddy Freund took over as executive director of the NJSA in 2016, the NJSA has had new life breathed into it and video has played a big part of the new an improved awards ceremony. Each of the 5 award winners had a 2 minute highlight video played before the large room full of contractors and subcontractors introducing them to the crowd.

The 2018 Subcontractor of the Year was Loading Dock / Overhead Door Company in Lodi, NJ. What's interesting about this company is that nine years ago, they stated in their mission statement, winning the Subcontractor of the Year award within 10 years. Nothing like real focus. It's a family, tight knit business with a very lively and supportive culture. A great place to work.

Contractor of the Year was Phelps Construction Group from Boonton, NJ. What strikes you the moment you walk into their corporate lobby is the modern, well designed space with a very heavy dose of creativity and comfort...much like you'd get walking into Google. Like most successful companies, they have a very supportive and vibrant culture as well.

When you think of a labor leader, you might envision a big tough guy- usually ex-Marine type - ready to crack a head or two when push comes to shove. Well Gary Pfarr, winner of Labor Leader of the Year was the broke that mold completely. Heavily involved in many community related programs, Gary gives back to the community far more than he takes. His video as really fun to make.

Bill Almasi Jr, of Almasi Construction was winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award and was probably the least comfortable in front of our cameras..that is until you got him out in the field around his men and equipment. You could just see him light up and feel right at home. Bill's wife and partner Anne Marie Almasi is next year's president of the NJSA.

The fifth and final winner was Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and the Construction User of the year. Memorial Sloan Kettering currently has 49 hospitals in the tri state area and is currently constructing two new facilities using many of the contractors and subcontractors in the NJSA.

Cinematiceye is a commercial and event videography company based out of Clinton, New Jersey that directs, shoots and produces the award videos for the NJSA awards night each year. They are 2-3 minute features that provide a snapshot of the award winner just prior to accepting their award. You can find out more about cinematiceye via their website at www.cinematiceye.com

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