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Just Do What You Do Best

If you scour the Internet for stories related to the contracting industry, you’ll see a lot of articles claiming you can save money and get new business if do this or that yourself.

Yes, the DIY marketing movement has dropped in on the construction industry. These online fast talkers are stumbling over themselves offering you their e-books, free webinars, seminars and online courses.

Do it yourself can literally mean doing-it-yourself -- if you're a small to moderate sized business -- or it might mean hiring a cheap millennial out of college to “handle it" for you. Or perhaps that manager down the hall with the expensive Nikon can grab some footage at the job site.

DIY marketing strategies include do it yourself websites and blog posts with top 10 reasons for doing this and that … one marketing "expert" even suggested if you purchase a $200 video camera you can YouTube your way to new business nirvana.


The dullards pushing this nonsense have no idea what you folks do for a living. That every corner of your brain is involved with managing dozens of people, headaches at the job site, detailed logistics, safety issues, making deadlines, overcoming obstacles in the field you hadn’t planned on and so on…

So just do what you do best. Keep pushing the dirt, weaving miles of pipe and wire up and down tall buildings and giving the rest of us big beautiful structures to live and work in.

And leave the social media campaign to the professionals who don't drive bulldozers. You wouldn't let the website guy run an 80 ton Grove at a job site would you? So what are you doing trying to shoot 4k video?

Whatever you try to do outside your expertise in the area with a camera, it's going to get ugly. It's going to look and sound amateurish. You don't have the proper tools or know-how. And that low production value will not only reflect poorly on your brand, but your good intentions could wreck the all important first impression on your website.

Just do what you do best.

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