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This Halloween Party ROCKED!!

Man in feathers was quite the entertainer.

I have to admit, shooting video for big events is fun. Especially holiday parties at Cedar Hill Country Club in Livingston, NJ. Everyone was in a holiday mood and had a great time. A well placed open bar in the middle of the dance floor, a jaw dropping buffet, an amazing DJ ( Xplosive Entertainment ) with it's cast of professional dancers and an after party that went deep into the night, all contributed to the amazing overall experience. My favorite was the guy dressed in white feathers looking more like a chorus line refuge, playing the percussion fx from the floor. Members loved it. All of it fun.

Members danced all night long.

Cedar Hill parties and events are planned and directed by Cedar Hill's General Manager Weisser Millien and are really something special.So special that the venue just won Wedding Wires's Couple Choice Award for 2018. It's top notch.

The skinny:

North eastern Country Clubs like Cedar Hill tend to be seasonal. March thru November is typical. They've recently increased their social memberships in the last 18 months with a younger crowd that loves to eat, drink and party. And these 30-40 somethings were there in force. The Halloween party was the last big bash of the season.

They even celebrate member birthdays!!

Why we were there:

Cinematiceye is a commercial and event filmmaking company that specializes in promotional videos for any size business. Cedar Hill needs to show potential members just how great the club and its memberships are. And what better way than to show videos of the great party, pool, tennis, golf, and dining experience its membership enjoys month after month. Cedar Hill has become more of a lifestyle than a golf destination and we create visual sales tools for Cedar Hill to attract more members. We also provide social media marketing expertise as well if clients don't already have it in house. We currently work hand in hand with Cherokee Communications who will be handling all the 2019 Facebook and Youtube advertising for Cedar Hill.

Placing the open bar in the middle of the dance floor was a great idea.

The below Halloween recap video was created primarily for the membership to share with friends and enjoy. Footage from this video will be used as part of a comprehensive Facebook marketing push in the spring of 2019.

We can be reached through our website at www.cinematiceye.com, by email bill@cinematiceye.com or by phone 908-310-5481

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