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Car people know how to party.

Updated: Dec 22, 2018

Every year in early December, Flemington Car & Truck Country goes all out in throwing their annual Christmas Party extravaganza. When you employ hundreds of people, holding the party at the Hunterdon Hills Playhouse makes sense. It’s a huge dinner club with great food ... and a wonderful venue for a large party.

The night began with the managers of all 16 brands, plus the owner, Steve Kalafer, and his two business associate sons, Josh and Jonathan, greeting hundreds of employees as they entered the venue. A great way to start the night.

The Kalafer family on stage during the presentation

In the eight years that we’ve been shooting commercials for the well-known family of dealerships on Rt. 202/31 in Flemington, we’ve never attended, much less captured video of this famous yearly event.

This year was different because the management had a special presentation up their sleeve. They planned to acknowledge the employees who went above and beyond their day jobs to give back to the community. The event was called Shine the Light ... shining the light on the amazing people who work at Flemington Car & Truck Country.

The Skinny: We shot the event in 4K with 3 of our cameras and full HD with the other 3. A total of three shooters with a Panasonic GH5s, two GH4s, two GH3s and even a GH2. A Tascam DR-60 took the audio feed from the board and we had a redundant mic on one the the room speakers. The main room, during the presentation, was very dark and we shot it with fast prime lenses. There was a noticeable difference in low light performance between the GH5s and the GH4's...even in near darkness, the GH5s had MORE iso than I needed. Great camera.

We were fortunate to have the sound guy from the current Christmas play on hand to watch the audio levels coming through the sound system. It's not often we have a pair of eyeballs AND earlobes on our audio levels.

Meanwhile, DR. D kept everyone entertained on stage....

Dr. D. had the dance floor packed with people happy people.

... as well as the two lead singers from the show "Christmas in the Air" currently at the Playhouse, entertaining everyone for about a half an hour to start the party off.

Ellen Nardoni, pictured below, organized and directed the entire production.

Ellen Nardoni and Jerry Sheehan having a ball on the dance floor during a special tribute to Ellen

Shine the Light

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