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EVCO Mechanical replaces old cooling towers in Secaucus.

A powerful Sikorsky s61n helicopter designed for just this type of project, hovers above Building 3 at Harmon Cover Tower in Secaucus.

How do you move 110,000 pounds of air handlers and heat exchangers to the roof of Harmon Cove's twin towers in powerful, frigid Meadowlands winds?

You move it 6,800 pounds at a time with a special Sikorsky construction helicopter from Chi Aviation along with amazing planning, coordination and implementation of Evco Mechanical.

The entire operation spanned only 2 hours and 40 minutes but the pre-planning took almost a year. From the lawyers, to the FAA, there were many legal and logistical hurdles and multiple entities to satisfy before a single unit could be lifted into the air.

A view from "the pit" as one of 12 - 6,800 lb air handlers are lowered.

The morning started with frigid 40+ mph winds coming off the open areas of the meadowlands before the chopper and it's 100 mph winds even showed up. Emergency services on site were huddled in the far corner of the pick zone keeping a close eye on everything and trying to stay warm. Everyone was trying to stay warm in the nasty November wind.

A dozen Evco techs ready themselves for the next unit to be dropped into the pit.

We placed a GoPro on the bottom of one of the units for this exciting angle and it was amazing to watch the Evco techs jump into action as the unit approached the pit. The chopper pilot kept the helicopter perfectly stable in the strong winds as he slowly and carefully lowered the unit into position.

The pilot watching the action in the pit closely as he lowers another unit.

And Cinematiceye was there shooting video of the entire event with a team of three videographers, stationing one shooter on the opposite roof, one in the cooling tower pit and the third at the pick zone on the ground. We even had time for a quick selfie.

We almost look like HVAC techs

The Skinny: There are dozens of residential towers in North Jersey...many of them have been around for decades and their current cooling towers are reaching the end of their useful life and need to be replaced. Evco Mechanical has gotten so effective at planning and implementing the replacement of these rooftop units that they're focused on becoming the premier company for this valuable service in the area.

Why were we there?

What better marketing tool is there than a detail packed video showing the entire operation and just how efficient the entire Evco crew was at pulling it off. In this film we cover demolition of the old towers, construction of new steel platforms, using a huge crane to place all 12 air handlers and 4 heat exchangers in place 3 days before and finally, the operation on the last day.

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