Overdue 15 Minutes of Fame

When you’ve been working for the same client for five years, making dozens of commercials, promos and event films for their numerous dealerships like Porsche, BMW, Ford, Audi, Infiniti, Subaru … just to name a few … you easily overlook other departments. Well, the opportunity finally came to pass for...

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Le Mani Moto


Cool Art!!

  What a cool idea. Creating a free art workshop for kids on the outdoor terrace at the the Hunterdon Art Museum. It’s called the “Katherine Trubek Weekend on the Terrace” and it’s an ongoing series planned for two Sundays a month thru the end of October. If nothing else,...

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A Porsche or a Victoria’s Secret Model?

    The prevailing question at the Porsche event last week was whether or not the Porsche Macan is a sportscar or an SUV. It’s kinda like asking if a Victoria Secret model is more beautiful as a blond or a brunette. If she’s a Victoria Secret model … do...

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Mystery Man

Our first wedding of the 2014 season started off very strangely indeed. The wedding and reception were located at the gorgeous Crystal Resort’s Grand Cascade Lodge in Hamburg, NJ. My wife, Tracy, and I are a two-man team and have been for many years now. We have no assistant …...

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Girl on Stilts

What is it about a girl on stilts juggling bowling pins while spinning a Hula Hoop around her waist that triggers a bunch of questions? Are there bars that only stilt performers go to? Do they make them check their bowling pins at the door? What’s it like to dance...

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